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Can an overseas company apply for EC insurance in Hong Kong?

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Can a UK company apply for Employee's Insurance for its staff if they work in a Representative Office Based in Hong Kong? The Representative Office is set up under the same company name in the UK.


Under Hong Kong law, all employees in Hong Kong must be covered by an Employees’ compensation insurance policy, including those working for a representative office. If the office is a legal entity in Hong Kong and pays its employees a wage, then it must hold an EC insurance policy.

A UK company can apply for EC coverage on behalf of its Hong Kong operations. You will need a Hong Kong business address, the company registration information for the representative office, the nature of the business, the total number of employees and their respective salaries and job duties.

With this information it is then possible to receive an employees compensation insurance quote in Hong Kong.

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EC insurance in Hong Kong

Answered on: 2018-10-30 9:39

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