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Can you provide car insurance outside of Hong Kong?

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I want to buy collision damage waiver (CDW) car hire insurance which will cover renting a car in Canada during the summer, with the standard limit of US$50,000 I notice Citibank Prestige CC offers this if you have their credit card so it must be available to buy from a broker in Hong Kong?


CCW Global is currently unable to provide Collision Damage Waiver insurance for hire cares. While we can offer both comprehensive andthird-party only car insurance options to drivers in Hong Kong we cannot place motor insurance products outside of the city, including in Canada or China.

If you are able to receive CDW car hire insurance outside of Hong Kong through your bank or credit card we would suggest looking at that option if your need for protection is urgent. Otherwise, it is normally possible to obtain such protection with many hire-care agencies in North America and Europe when you rent a vehicle.

Should you require car insurance in Hong Kong, or if you are interested in any of the other Hong Kong insurance products we offer, please Contact Us Today.

Answered on: 10 August, 2017 12:09

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