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How much is car insurance for a 2012 Ferrari FF !

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2012 Ferrari FF, 60% NCB, how much for the comprehensive and 3rd party insurance? Thanks !


In order to calculate the cost of Third Party Only insurance or Comprehensive insurance for any make or model of vehicle there are also a number of additional variables which must be taken into consideration outside of the specific type of car being insured, its age, and any applicable NDC.

In Hong Kong, to provide quotes for either third party or comprehensive car insurance we would first need to know:

·         Age of Driver
·         Driver’s License Experience, and where from
·         Driver’s Occupation
·         Relevant Physical and Mental Health Information
·         License Points and Prior Driving Convictions

All of this information will enable the insurer to provide an accurate quotation based on the driver’s risk profile.

In addition to the Make/Model of the Vehicle being insured, its year of manufacture, and your applicable No Claims Discount, should you wish to obtain a comprehensive car insurance quotation for the Ferrari you would also need to provide:

·         Total Value of Vehicle in Hong Kong $

This is due to the fact that a Comprehensive Car Insurance policy will provide protection against theft, and consequently will heavily weight the cost of the vehicle when factoring the premium.

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Answered on: 11 August, 2017 13:51

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