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Do you sell comprehensive car insurance?

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Do you sell comprehensive/full (including third party) insurance policies for vehicles over 10 years old? I'm looking to purchase a full policy for my 2002 Toyota Corolla (to replace a 3rd party only policy).


CCW Global can offer both Comprehensive and Third Part Only car insurance plans for vehicles in Hong Kong.

However, it should be noted that for vehicles over 10 years of age a premium loading will be applied to the policy. With the lower value of an older vehicle it may not make financial sense to obtain a comprehensive policy due to the cost of the plan vs the actual value of the care.

Even with a maximum 60% No Claims Discount, a comprehensive policy will be significantly more expensive than a 3rd Party Only plan and would not provide the maximum amount of utility that you would see with a newer vehicle.

Having said that, if this is something which you would like to explore or you would like to compare your various options for insuring the car, please Contact Us to speak to an expert Car Insurance Broker today. We are unable to provide quotations though our ASK CCW platform but would be happy to arrange a meeting or telephone call to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.

Answered on: 19 March, 2018 15:08

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