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Can I get complications insurance overseas if I am already pregnant?

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I am a US citizen living outside of the US. I am currently pregnant with twins and have no insurance. I understand that the costs of delivery and checkups cannot be covered right now. However, which plan would suit me if there are any complications regarding the pregnancy and the babies (premature birth, NICU.. etc. If i want to give birth in the US or Canada. And how much does it cost? Thank you, Best Regards


There are a number of international health insurance options which will provide complications coverage in relation to maternity treatment, even if you are already pregnant.

American Citizens with a permanent residential address outside of the USA then are able to obtain an international maternity insurance policy with worldwide coverage. This would allow them to receive coverage against any complications of pregnancy they may experience should they decide to give birth in the USA or Canada.

There are a number of high quality international maternity insurance plans which will provide emergency maternity treatment coverage, including complications of delivery protection, without a waiting period. Many of these plans will also provide new born child insurance coverage should the baby require medical coverage once they are born. A new born child insurance benefit can also be obtained without a waiting period.

Both Complications coverage and New Born Child coverage are often the next best thing to receiving full maternity insurance coverage under a global health insurance policy. Unfortunately, as you have noted above, because you are already pregnant you would be unable to receive coverage against the costs of delivering and checkups because you would be unable to complete the required waiting period before the birth of your child.

Additionally, it should be noted that while there is generally the ability to purchase maternity complications or newborn child insurance coverage without a waiting period, many of the international insurance providers implement this coverage on the basis of singleton pregnancies – not twins.

In your specific case, the fact that you are pregnant with twins significantly complicates the matter – especially if the pregnancy was the result of any assisted reproduction. Many insurers will severely limit the coverage available to twin pregnancies – even in relation to newborn child coverage or complications protection. If the pregnancy was the result of assisted reproduction then some insurers may even exclude coverage from complications benefits if the assisted reproduction was not performed under coverage provided by the insurer.

If a CCW Broker is able to find a policy option that meets your requirements for both Newborn Child and Complications coverage, then the annual policy premium (the amount that the protection would cost) will be calculated on a number of different factors including:

·        Your Age
·        The specific policy you choose to purchase
·        The comprehensiveness of coverage (and any additional extended benefits you opt to include)
·        Any applicable deductibles
·        The plan’s area of coverage (worldwide or worldwide excluding USA)

If you are looking for coverage in the USA and Canada then you must purchase a Worldwide policy, which significantly increases the cost over the options which exclude protection in the USA. While you do have the ability to lower the annual cost burden through the implementation of various deductible and excess options, these can also hinder your ability to actually utilize the plan should you need it as you are responsible for contributing a certain amount towards the costs of your own healthcare.

Because CCW Global works with more than 20 leading international health insurance companies, and because of the complexity of variables involved in each policy offering from those insurers, the costs of coverage are extremely wide and varied. This becomes even more true when you start to customize the coverage by including Maternity treatment, outpatient protection, or dental and optical benefits.

If you would like to receive a free consultation comparing your international maternity insurance options simply complete the short quotation request form at the top of most pages on our website. You can also Contact Us to speak directly to an expert CCW Health Insurance broker who will be happy to provide you with additional maternity insurance information or discuss your specific coverage requirements further.  

Answered on: 11 July, 2018 11:00

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