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Is Maternity Insurance Available with no Waiting Period?

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I am a UK citizen residing in Nigeria; thus not eligible for free NHS medical treatment. I am currently pregnant and wish to deliver my baby in the UK however I don't have international medical cover. As most insurance plans have a waiting period, I will have to pay for my delivery in the UK out-of-pocket. Responsibly, I also have to take into consideration the possibility of unplanned complications and neonatal issues. Thus, I am in the market for an insurance plan that will cover me and baby for these without a waiting period. Do they exist?


All international health insurance plans currently on the market will have a waiting period attached to the maternity benefit. This means that you will be unable to claim, or receive coverage under the plan, for maternity treatment until you have held the policy for a specific amount of time – normally 10 months or longer from the initial purchase date or policy start date.

Under a waiting period you will be unable to receive insurance covered treatment for pre-natal or ante-natal doctors’ visits and checkups, ultrasound scans or maternity related tests, or the actual costs involved in the delivery of your child (whether through a natural vaginal delivery or an emergency caesarian section).

However, in relation to your question, it is possible to obtain an international health insurance plan which includes coverage for Complications of Pregnancy without a waiting period. A complication of pregnancy would include conditions like preeclampsia or a miscarriage – under an international health insurance plan which includes Complications of Pregnancy you are generally covered for any medically necessary treatment resulting from a condition which would endanger you or your child’s life prior to the actual delivery. It is important to note that Complications of Pregnancy coverage is not available under all plans from all international medical insurance companies, and that the specific coverage offered under this type of benefit will vary greatly depending on the insurer and plan you choose to purchase. 

With regards to the second part of your question, there are a large number of options for New Born Child health insurance coverage without a waiting period within the global health insurance industry.

An international health insurance policy which includes a New Born Child coverage benefit will ensure that your baby is able to receive comprehensive medical assistance from birth no matter what the state of their health may be. This can be highly important should the child experience any medical concerns at birth or suffer from a congenital condition as these will normally be treated as pre-existing conditions by health insurance policies which do not offer a New Born Child insurance benefit.

Obtaining a New Born Child benefit and having your child born onto an existing health insurance policy will ensure that they are covered for life against any potential health concerns they may encounter.

If you have any additional questions regarding maternity insurance or New Born Child health insurance coverage, waiting periods on global health insurance plans offered by CCW Global, or if you would like to receive a free health insurance quotation for your family, please Contact Us Today to speak with our dedicated health insurance brokers. 

Answered on: 17 January, 2017 09:47

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