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Can I get Maternity Insurance without a waiting period?

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I have just discovered that my wife is pregnant and I would like to buy maternity insurance to cover the costs of the hospital and birth of the baby. I was told that there is a waitring period and want to buy this to cover the expenses now. Is this possible?


All health insurance plans which include a maternity coverage benefit will be associated with a waiting period. This is the length of time you must have been enrolled on a policy before being able to receive coverage for the benefit in question, in this case Maternity Coverage.

The shortest waiting period associated with a maternity benefit under most health insurance plans offered by CCW Global is 10 months from the start of the policy. This means that your wife must have been continuously enrolled on her insurance coverage for at least 10 months before being able to receive coverage for maternity costs through the policy.

It is important to note that maternity treatment which your wife may have received prior to the completion of the waiting period is not eligible for back dated coverage under a health insurance policy. This means that any OBGYN visits or pre-natal checkups which she may have had until the completion of 10 months on a health insurance policy would be uncovered.

In this case, as your wife is currently pregnant it would not be possible for the birth of your child to be covered under any Health Insurance options currently offered by CCW Global.

However, it is possible to obtain insurance coverage for any complications of the pregnancy and the health of the infant without a waiting period – in the extremely unfortunate situation where the child is born with any medical conditions at birth or a congenital birth conditions then you would be able to ensure life long insurance coverage from birth instantly. Please note that your wife would need to be insured prior to the birth of the baby and the discovery of any congenital conditions, and enrolling the infant on coverage after a condition is discovered would lead to the condition to being deemed “pre-existing” and would therefore be excluded from coverage by most local and international health insurance companies.

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Answered on: 22 December, 2016 08:12

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