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Can I Buy Health Insurance Overseas?

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I am now in USA, can I buy the insurance ?


Any expat living outside of their country of nationality, anywhere in the world, is able to buy an international health insurance plan. This means that if you are an Indian expat living in the USA, or if you are a British Expat living in Hong Kong, then you are able to receive the high-quality and flexible health insurance protection offered by an international private medical insurance policy.

International health insurance products can normally be tailored to meet your specific coverage requirements, giving you a wide range of options and benefits to choose from. From the location you receive coverage in, deductibles and excesses, to the type of coverage you will be receiving, you have the ability to ensure that your plan is exactly what it needs to be.

International medical insurance premiums are generally calculated on a community basis. This means that your premium will only increase as you age, and not because you have made claims under the policy. As such, you are able to fully utilize your health insurance policy secure in the knowledge that you will not be penalized or incur additional costs because you have needed to make a claim under the plan.

Furthermore, a majority of the international health insurance products offered by CCW Global will enable you to choose exactly where you receive any medical treatment. By giving you the option to see any doctor or hospital in the world this type of policy gives you the flexibility you need while allowing you to make empowered choices about your own healthcare. While direct settlement networks do exist in the international health insurance market, you will not be penalized for choosing your own doctor rather than using an in-network provider.

It is important to note that while International Health Insurance products can provide coverage in the USA that these plans are, by and large, not regulated in the USA under HIPPA/COBRA or Affordable Care Act provisions. This also means that Americans living in America would be unable to purchase an international health insurance product. Because of the variety of international health insurance options available to expatriates around the world (including those in the USA), there will be differences between all the competing policy options – some products may even limit coverage for a USA Resident Alien to the policy’s renewal date.

As such, it is important to discuss any USA Expatriate health insurance purchase with an expert to make sure that you are getting the right policy. It is all very well buying coverage, but if the policy ends in a year or leaves you exposed to costly regulatory actions (like fines or increased tax penalties) in your new country then it may not be your best coverage option.

If you have any additional questions about international health insurance protection for expatriates in the USA, or if you would like to receive a free quotation comparing your various coverage options, please Contact Us to speak to an expert health insurance broker today.


Answered on: 3 July, 2018 09:20

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