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Can you offer Home Contents insurance overseas?

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We are resident in Hong Kong but maintain a property in the UK. Are you able to quote for household contents insurance for the UK property?


Residents of Hong Kong who have insured their home with a local Home Contents Insurance policy have the option of adding an overseas property to their policy which would also protect the contents of their foreign possessions.

It is important to note that only a select few Hong Kong insurers can offer this ability under a Home Insurance plan, and even then the ability to insure the contents of the overseas property will be underwritten on a case-by-case basis by the insurer’s underwriting department.

In order to obtain an insurance quotation for the contents of an overseas residence, whether in the United Kingdom or elsewhere in the world, the insurer will normally require the following information for the property located outside of Hong Kong:

·         Location of property (country and full address)

·         Property type (Flat/Apartment, Town Home, Detached Single Family House, etc.)

·         Current state of property (is the property in good repair?)

·         Build date of property and listed status if applicable

·         Whether it is your main residence and the number of years lived at current address

·         Construction materials of property (brick, stone, concrete, etc.)

·         Whether the property is occupied daily

·         If the property is used for business purposes

·         Whether there are any concerns of flooding, subsidence, cracking, or landslips

·         Whether the property contains a basement

·         Primary use of basement if one is present

From there, the insurer will then require additional information about the contents you wish to insure, and any special instructions regarding high-risk collections, security services or risks, and additional specified items to be included under your policy.

For items currently located in Hong Kong which you wish to insure in the United Kingdom, a simple Hong Kong home contents insurance plan which includes a Worldwide All Risks coverage benefit will ensure that your possessions are protected against loss, theft, or damage no matter where in the world you may be located – so depending on the overall value of your home contents, and the location of the bulk of your personal possessions, it may not be necessary to insure the contents of an otherwise uninhabited property located overseas in the United Kingdom.

Should you wish to obtain a home insurance quotation for your UK property, or if you have any additional questions about global home contents insurance from Hong Kong, please Contact Us to speak with an expert advisor today

Answered on: 6 January, 2017 10:13

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