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Can I get maid insurance longer than 1 year?

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I want to get maid insurance to run concurrently with my helper’s 2 year contract – I do not want to deal with paper work on her before the end of her contract. Is this possible?


Yes, in Hong Kong it is possible to obtain two year maid insurance policies, enabling ease of use without worrying about renewals at year 1.

Maid insurance policies available for two year periods can run concurrently with your helper’s work contract allowing you to handle all employment paperwork and formalities at a single time. Additionally, CCW Global is able to provide two year maid insurance plans which will provide direct settlement facilities for your maid’s healthcare issues (should any arise during the insured period) further reducing your household admin burden by allowing your helper to receive healthcare as and when she needs it directly through the policy without any problematic claims forms.

2 year helper insurance plans in the Hong Kong market will satisfy your legal obligation of employee compensation insurance for your helper, and will also provide an adequate level of healthcare protection, giving you complete protection for your liabilities as an employer.

If you should need to change your helper for whatever reason during the two year policy period these plans can also be transferred to a new beneficiary – this seamless transition facilitates  continuing coverage under the same policy renewal date allowing you to clearly manage all aspects of your new helper’s employment.

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Answered on: 4 January, 2017 10:01

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