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Can I more information on Domestic Helper and Maid Insurance?

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Can I more information on Domestic Helper and Maid Insurance?


There are many different options for maid and domestic helper insurance in Hong Kong, from simple EC protection through to more comprehensive covers.

As of November 2018, these policies start from roughly HK$285 per year and cap out at around HK$1,380 for a top end 2-year policy. At both ends of the price spectrum, and in between, there is a wide range of choice when it comes to the specific type of insurance you are able to purchase for your domestic helper.

Under Hong Kong law you are legally obligated to purchase Employee’s Compensation Insurance coverage for your domestic helper – as does any company or individual who is employing anyone. This satisfies your legal obligations under the Employees’ Compensation Ordinance and ensures that your helper is compensated for any accidents or injuries which may be suffered during the normal course of her employment.

Obviously, a policy which only provides the mandatory EC insurance would be at the very lowest end of the price range – that HK$285 figure mentioned above.

However, as the employer of a domestic helper you are also legally obligated to provide financial support in the event that your helper requires medical treatment. While some employers are happy to take that risk out of pocket, some employers opt to take more comprehensive plans which include health insurance coverage for your helper. Some policies even provide direct settlement networks so that you don’t even have to worry about any of the details if your helper gets sick – they are simply able to go directly to a network doctor and be treated under the plan.

Plans which offer medical benefits the most expensive as mentioned above, and will cost roughly HK$780 for a one-year policy and HK$1380 for a 2-year plan.

The decision to choose your plan length is another area of flexibility as most maid insurance policies can be setup to run concurrently with your helper’s contract – which is two years in length. Opting to take a two-year plan can avoid the tedium of having to renew the policy every year. Even if you may have to terminate your helper it is often just a simple case of continuing the policy with the new helper’s details.

On top of this there are some insurers who also allow you to add an additional critical illness benefit – this would provide compensation to your helper should they suffer from a listed illness (like cancer), and would assist with up to HK$ 100,000 in treatment costs.

The optional Critical Illness rider will range between HK$300 – 450 per-year depending on the insurer you are considering, and not all insurers offer this additional option.

So there you have it, pretty much everything you would need to know about maid and domestic helper in Hong Kong. If you have any additional questions about Hong Kong maid insurance, or would like to obtain cover for your helper, please Contact Us to speak to an expert broker today.


Answered on: 14 November, 2018 11:22

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