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What is Domestic Helper Insurance in Hong Kong?

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Details of maid insurance please


Obtaining Employee’s Compensation Insurance coverage is a legal obligation for any employer under Hong Kong law. This includes employers who have domestic help workers in their home.

All Hong Kong maid insurance products will have Employee’s Compensation coverage as the core benefit within the policy. This benefit will cover your liability against any accidents or illnesses the helper may suffer as part of their normal job duties. For example, this protection could be activated should your domestic helper accidentally burn herself whilst cooking dinner, or if she were to slip and fall whilst mopping a wet floor.

EC insurance is designed to provide compensation to your helper in these situations, whilst indemnifying you from your liability under Hong Kong law.

However, it is important to note that as an employer of a domestic helper you are also contractually obligated to cover the medical expenses of your maid outside of an Employee’s Compensation claim situation. Should your helper fall sick from a seasonal virus, for example, and need to visit a General Practitioner, you are legally obligated to cover the cost of the consultation as well as any medication which she may require.

As such, many Domestic Helper Insurance products will allow you to add specific medical insurance coverage to ensure that both you and your maid are properly protected against run-of-the-mill illnesses. In fact, some insurance companies are actually offering direct settlement networks in relation to the medical insurance coverage they offer under domestic helper insurance options – your maid will receive an insurance card and will be allowed to receive treatment at any of the panel doctors offered by the insurer under the plan, without your needing to submit any claims paperwork.

Maid Insurance options from CCW Global can offer a range of additional coverage benefits including:

  • Personal Accident Protection
  • Loss of Services Allowance
  • Fidelity Insurance Protection
  • Loan protection coverage
  • Repatriation Expenses

All of these coverage options will enable you to find a plan which perfectly suits your needs, and the needs of your domestic helper.

Furthermore, Domestic Helper insurance can be obtained on either a 1 year or 2 year basis – this allows you to choose a plan which runs concurrently with your helper’s contract, so you only ever need to renew the insurance when you renew the maid’s employment contract. This keeps paperwork to a minimum and enables an employer to address all contractual obligations at the same time.

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Answered on: 19 April, 2017 16:44

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