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What Insurance does a personal trainer require?

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Hi, I’m starting up a fitness “bootcamp” style of training at the local park and will register my bootcamp as a limited company. I am a qualified personal trainer but would like to get insurance in case anything happens to my clients whilst I am training them. Is this sort of insurance possible?


A personal trainer may benefit from a wide range of different Hong Kong insurance coverage options, including Public Liability, Professional Indemnity, and possible Event Insurance. However, it is important to note that the exact types of insurance which CCW Global would recommend will be dependent on the specific activities you would be undertaking, and the locations of those activities.

For any outdoor activities we would normally recommend the purchase of a Public Liability Insurance policy. Also known as “3rd Party Liability” this type of insurance will cover your liability for any accidents or bodily injuries which a member of the general public may incur as a consequence of your Boot Camp activity (such as tripping over stray weights or ropes, for example).

When using government facilities for any event, the facility in questions will normally require proof of a Public Liability policy before approving the booking. If you are not actually booking the park for your Boot Camp we would strongly recommend the purchasing a public liability policy anyway, as this will normally be in your own best interest and provide you with a basic level of coverage against most eventualities you may encounter with spectating Tai Chi practitioners or other park users.

For your own protection we would also recommend purchasing a Professional Indemnity Insurance policy. This type of Hong Kong Insurance plan will protect you against any claims of negligence you may receive from your clients as part of the services you offer – also known as “Errors and Omissions” insurance we normally advise all professionals in advice-giving industries to strongly consider the purchase of this type of plan.

A PI policy can be especially useful in the event that one of your Boot Camp participants injured themselves while undertaking and activity you recommended. This could be as benign as a simple warmup stretch, and as complicated as walking kettlebell lunges or rope swings. But as is the nature of any functional fitness offering, there is always the risk (however small) or participants experiencing an injury. While Hong Kong may not be as litigious as other places around the world, there is still a realistic concern that you could experience an extremely costly negligence claim simply through providing your professional advice, which can be a highly serious issue for any small business.

Depending on the frequency of your Boot Camp sessions it may be worthwhile exploring the feasibility of obtaining an Event Insurance package – which can usually be purchased either on a per-event basis or as part of “open cover” allowing you to simply add each session to the policy as you hold events throughout the course of the year. An event insurance policy will provide you with the public liability coverage needed to satisfy Leisure and Culture Service Department facility bookings, as well as providing a range of additional covers including Entrusted Property and Facility and Sets protection.

Because of the nature of your business there is not a “one size fits all” solution to your coverage needs. Consequently we would highly recommend speaking to an Expert CCW Global Business Insurance Broker today to further discuss your coverage requirements.

Answered on: 12 March, 2018 14:23

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