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Is insurance available for sporting events with 2100 participants?

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which type of insurance plan should i choose if we are organizing a sport event with about 2100 participants? we need plan for participants and helps on the event date


CCW Global can offer a wide range of event insurance coverage solutions in Hong Kong and throughout the rest of Asia.

Event Insurance options usually start with core Public Liability coverage for the event organizers, and can then be tailored to include a range of additional benefits such as:

In order to obtain a suitable quotation, you would need to provide the approximate operating budget of the event, the exact number of participants and spectators expected on the day, whether you are selling tickets or offering any form of prize money, the location of the event, and whether the participants are amateur or professional athletes.

Event Insurance options are extremely flexible and will be tailored to the exact nature of your event – so more information is usually better when obtaining quotations for this type of coverage. It is also important to let the insurer know whether the event is being held indoors or outdoors, and whether you would need to obtain Non-appearance protection against any paid celebrities or entertainers who may be participating.

If you would like to receive additional information about Event Insurance in Hong Kong, or if you would like to receive a free quotation from an expert CCW Global insurance broker, please Contact Us Today!

Answered on: 19 April, 2017 15:45

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