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Does event insurance cover Typhoon cancellation?

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Event insurance: We're holding multiple exhibitions/events in Hotels in Hong Kong : Mandarin Oriental, Upper House etc. We're concerned about typhoon #8 signals. If they're issued before our set up and we're not allowed into the hotel to set up the exhibition. If we have to wait until the typhoon signal is lowered we might miss our exhibition time slot. And the same risk of a black rain signal.


Event Insurance options in Hong Kong will include inclement weather cancellation coverage for any indoor event as part of the overall policy offering. Events which are taking place outdoors must obtain an additional weather cancellation coverage benefit on top of the base policy.

Under a weather cancellation benefit for an event insurance policy you are reimbursed for losses you may suffer due to cancellation or postponement of your event due to inclement weather. Weather covered under this benefit includes:

  1. Typhoon, Hurricane, Cyclone Signals equivalent to T8 or higher.
  2. Floods
  3. Hail
  4. Natural Disasters
  5. Torrential Rain, including Black Rainstorm Warnings

If your event is cancelled or postponed due to inclement weather then the event insurance will cover you for pre-paid expenses and deposits, expenses required to reinstate the venue to its original condition, and protection for entrusted goods and equipment.

As you are looking at an indoor exhibition-type event you will be pleased to note that CCW Global is able to include inclement weather cancellation coverage as a standard benefit on the policy for no additional underwriting or premium. However, if any of your events will be located outdoors then you must meet a number of additional conditions in order to receive the weather cancellation coverage (which may incur an additional premium dependent on the relative risk of the event).

If you require any additional information about inclement weather cancellation insurance for an event in Hong Kong, or if you would like to receive a free quotation for your next event, please Contact Us Today.

Answered on: 15 August, 2017 14:20

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