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Do I need Liability Insurance for venues owned by the government?

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Do Hong Kong government facilities -- specifically, Community Centres (under Home Affairs Department) -- require applicants hiring the facilities (ie, conference room) to take out event liability insurance?


When Application for rental of a government owned venue is submitted, the relevant department will typically specify the public liability insurance limit required for event – normally this limit is between HK$ 10,000,000 to HK$ 20,000,000 in aggregate for the event depending on the type of activity taking place.

This will usually be applicable for both the Home Affairs Department and the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, as both departments will require that applicants indemnity the government of the HKSAR against any and all claims that may be brought forward as a result of the event.

As such, both the HAD and LCSD will usually require that “The Government of the HKSAR” be named as an insured entity on the event liability insurance policy before authorizing the booking of the event in question.

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Answered on: 21 August, 2017 13:01

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