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How Do i Get Liability Insurance for a Performance?

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Hello there! I need to quote a public liability of 10,000,000 for a touring performance from 7th Oct 2017 to 9th Dec 2017(20 shows in different venues plus 2 back-up shows). In addition, a public liability of 10,000,000 for a musical camp on 3rd, 10th & 17th Dec 2017. The event is organised by LCSD. Hope to here from you soon to see how we can work on this. Thank you.


Public Liability Insurance for a performance can be obtained by itself, or as part of an event insurance policy with a range of protection included.

Most Hong Kong Insurance companies will offer stand alone public liability insurance on an “as needed basis” – with the information you have provided (total coverage limit required, performance dates, and type of activity), all that would otherwise be required to produce a quote would be the addresses of both the performance and the music camp, as well as the expected number of attendees or participants.

Both the LCSD and HAFD will normally require public liability insurance be obtained for events on their facilities, ensuring that both you and they are protected against claims of negligence which have resulted in personal or property damage to members of the general public.

While this is generally the minimum amount of insurance needed, many event organizers will also consider taking out a full Event Insurance Package, covering not only their public liability insurance risk, but also their risks for:

Depending on your requirements, it can often be beneficial to consider a package policy over a simple liability insurance plan; especially if you are charging a ticket price and expect to be making a profit on the event.

CCW Global can assist with both the simple Public Liability coverage or the more comprehensive event insurance package so contact us if you have any additional questions or concerns about covering your event!

Answered on: 12 September, 2017 18:00

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