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Can Maternity Insurance Cover the Costs of Delivery in the USA?

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. I am planning on traveling to the United States to deliver my baby, but I am already pregnant. Do you offer any plan which covers the delivery cost?


International Maternity Insurance policies with a worldwide coverage area will protect you against the costs associated with a routine delivery of a newborn child anywhere in the world, including the USA.

However, as you have indicated that you are already pregnant it is not possible for you to obtain this coverage for your current pregnancy due to the existence of a Waiting Period in relation to all maternity benefits on all maternity insurance plans offered by all international health insurance companies.

A waiting period is the length of time you must have held a health insurance plan before being able to receive coverage for a specific benefit. For example, with Maternity benefits the waiting period is usually 12 months from the start of the plan.

This means that you will have you have been enrolled on the policy for at least one full year before the costs associated with any maternity treatment can be covered under the plan. An important component of this is only maternity treatment received after the completion of the waiting period can be claimed for – claims cannot be backdated.

As a pregnancy lasts 9 months it is not possible, with any international health insurance plan, to obtain coverage for the costs of the delivery once you are already pregnant.

A caveat to this fact is that many international maternity insurance plans can offer coverage for the costs associated with complications of the pregnancy and emergency delivery costs with either a much shorter waiting period, or no waiting period at all. Additionally, these policies will also allow for coverage of your newborn child as soon as they are born; no matter the state of their health or what medical treatment, if any, may be required.

This coverage can also be provided on a worldwide basis and include the costs associated with these treatments and protections in the USA.

At this point, while it is not possible for any insurance plan to provide you with cost protection for things like OBGYN visits (both pre and post-natal), Routine Delivery and Medication costs, or even general tests, obtaining a policy which provides coverage against the (much more expensive) proposition of complications or emergencies can be a good compromise for accessing at least some peace-of-mind.

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Answered on: 2018-10-10 9:27

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