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Does your travel insurance cover Hiking in the Himalayas?

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is this travel insurance covers high risk activities, like Himalayas hiking?


The IHI-BUPA travel insurance policy offered by CCW Global will cover any trekking or mountaineering activity where specialized equipment (such as crampons, ice axes, or oxygen tanks) is not required. As such, Hiking or Trekking in the Himalaya range would be covered.

However, it is important to note that the policy specifically excludes:

“Active participation in any motorsport show, motorsport race or motorsport competition, base jumping, paragliding, and mountaineering that requires specialized equipment.”

Additionally, also excluded from coverage are:

“Expeditions, mountaineering, and trekking in Antarctica, the North Pole, and Greenland.”

If you are only planning on Hiking in the Himalaya mountain range, and will not be using any specialized equipment, then the IHI-BUPA Travel Insurance policy will cover you against the costs of any medical treatment you may require as the result of an accident or illness while on your trip.

The policy will also cover medical evacuation and repatriation should it be required in an emergency situation, and you have been partaking in an activity which is not excluded from coverage as outlined above.

The IHI-BUPA travel insurance plan offered by CCW Global is one of the leading Travel Insurance options available anywhere in the world. The policy provides for unlimited medical coverage with no deductibles or co-payments, giving you the assurance that you are protected against all medical costs you may experience as a result of an accident or illness while you are on a trip overseas.

The policy will also allow you to obtain non-medical coverage for your personal belongings and person, giving a high level of protection for Personal Accident, Theft, Baggage and Trip Delay, and Legal Protection benefits anywhere in the world.

While the IHI-BUPA Travel insurance product can be purchased directly through our website, if you have any questions or concerns that this plan is not the right one for you please Contact CCW Global today and speak to one of our expert travel insurance brokers. We would be happy to assist you in finding the perfect travel insurance plan to meet your vacation needs.

Answered on: 8 March, 2018 12:27

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