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Does Travel Insurance work in Space?

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I'm planning to work as an astronaut. Does standard travel insurance cover trips to outerspace?


Travel Insurance is designed to protect you and your possessions against the costs of damage, theft, or injury while outside of your home country. Technically, travel insurance would cover this but your US government provided health insurance plan will be your primary protection.


As a NASA employee you are an American Civil Servant, and are able to choose from a number of health insurance and life insurance options through the federal government; of which the premium payments will be partially offset by NASA. You are also eligible for a NASA sponsored retirement plan and social security to ensure you are able to plan for life following your departure from the space organization.


As such, CCW Global would not recommend that you obtain a travel insurance policy prior to your departure. All your insurance needs will be covered by the various space organizations operating low earth orbit missions, but it will definitely be interesting to see what happens when Mars missions launch in the coming decade.


Should you have any additional questions regarding travel insurance, or if you wish to obtain a travel insurance quote for your earth based journeys, please Contact Us today.

Answered on: 6 January, 2017 09:41

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