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Does Travel Insurance cover Emergency Evacuations in Nepal?

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Hello, I would like to know if the AXA single trip travel insurance (that I can get via HSBC Hong Kong) would cover a trekking in Nepal, with helicopter repatriation if needed. Thank you for your answer.


Please be advised that CCW Global does not offer HSBC insurance products and cannot guarantee that the information contained here is applicable to any product which is not offered by our company. 

The AXA Smart Traveler travel insurance policy will provide worldwide coverage for emergency evacuation by air ambulance in the event that local medical services are deemed medically inadequate to provide you with an appropriate standard of treatment.

It is important to note that an emergency medical evacuation must be medically necessary and will only transport you to the nearest center of medical excellence equipped to treat your condition. This means that should you suffer an accident whilst trekking in Nepal and there is an appropriate healthcare provider in close proximity an air ambulance evacuation may not be provided by the insurer.

Furthermore, the policy will not provide “search and rescue” coverage under the emergency evacuation clause.

Emergency Repatriation is also covered under this plan when approved by the insurer or its Emergency Assistance provider, and will cover the costs associated with an economy flight should you suffer an accident or injury that requires you to return to Hong Kong to seek immediate medical care. As with an emergency evacuation, under the AXA travel plan emergency repatriation must be medically necessary and undertaken at the direction of a qualified physician.

A general exclusion exists on this plan against all coverage where you may be working during the policy period – including acting as a tour guide/operator, engaging in any commercial activities, or performing any manual labour. Additionally, an exclusion may also generally be in force should you be mountaineering with any specialized equipment (such as ice picks and crampons)

CCW Global would recommend that you speak to one of our Expert Advisors prior to purchasing any Travel Insurance to confirm that the coverage you are looking at is suitable for your specific requirements. We are able to offer a range of international travel insurance products including high quality plans by both AXA and IHI-Bupa. 

The content of this answer is for informational purposes only and is not an endorsement of your purchase of any specific travel insurance policy. For more information please contact one of our expert advisors today, you may also view the terms and conditions of this site for further clarification of the educational intent behind Ask.CCW-Global.Com. 

Answered on: 6 March, 2017 15:53

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