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Is Travel Insurance available to someone 77 years old?

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Which companies offer global travel insurance to someone of my age (77 years old.)?


CCW Global can offer a number of travel insurance options for individuals over the age of 70. Historically we have been able to obtain high quality travel coverage for travelers over 90 years old, ensuring comprehensive medical and possessions coverage whilst overseas.

In order for a traveler over the age of 70 to receive travel insurance through a Hong Kong insurance company the trip must contain Hong Kong in the travel itinerary. This means that you must be travelling to Hong Kong as part of your trip, or your journey must start of finish in Hong Kong.

Travel insurance for individuals over the age of 70 will provide a range of coverage benefits including:

  • Personal Accident Protection up to HK$ 1,500,000 
  • Medical Expenses up to HK$ 1,500,000
  • Unlimited benefit for Emergency MedicalEvacuation and Repatriation
  • Loss of baggage and personal effects 
  • Baggage delay   
  • Document Loss         
  • Trip Cancellation up to HK$ 50,000        
  •  Trip Curtailment up to HK$ 50,000         
  • Personal Liability up to HK$ 1,500,000         
  • Loss of Credit Card protection

For individuals over the age of 70 it is only possible to obtain a single trip policy which will cover you for a specified length of time during which you are traveling.

For more information or to learn more about the travel insurance options available to individuals over the age of 70, please Contact Us to speak with an expert travel insurance broker today

Answered on: 13 March, 2017 14:28

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