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Is a cruise ship trip covered under travel insurance curtailment benefits?

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If a Hong Kong-based cruise is interrupted due to a typhoon and has to delay departure, or skip a port, or even return to Hong Kong early, do any policies cover this? So many policies just say they cover "shore excursions".


Many Hong Kong Travel Insurance products offer specific Trip Curtailment coverage which will provide a cash benefit in the event that your trip is delayed or cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.

In the event that the scheduled departure or arrival time of your carrier is delayed to adverse weather conditions, natural disasters, or a civil commotion the insurers will normally provide a cash benefit for each hour of the delay up to the maximum benefit limit of the plan’s curtailment coverage. Additionally, should the weather conditions result in a delay of more than 48 hours from that specified in your trip itinerary, or force the cancellation of the carrier, the insurers will generally indemnify you for additional travel expenses necessary for rerouting your itinerary enabling you to reach your final destination.

Furthermore, should your curtailment result in a loss of fare, pre-paid deposits, or other expenses which are not recoverable due to adverse weather conditions, natural disasters, or civil commotion the insurance will normally indemnify you for those costs.

If you are specifically concerned about a scenario wherein you would experience a financial loss due to your cruise being rerouted, delayed, or cancelled due to a Typhoon scenario (which was unknown and unforeseen prior to your taking a travel insurance plan) we would recommend that you Contact Us and speak to one of our expert travelinsurance brokers. Generally, however, most Hong Kong travel insurance plans will contain some form of trip curtailment or cancellation cover which may be suitable for your needs.

Answered on: 22 March, 2017 11:31

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