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CCW reserves the right to publish or decline publication of any questions received via the platform.

Users opting to use the facility will consent to publication of their question in the forum, whether with editing or in the original format, for the use of CCW marketing and education purposes.

CCW shall, at the company’s discretion, edit, modify, delete, upload, or otherwise choose to modify the content submitted by users on the ASK platform. By submitting a question or content through Ask users consent to the moderation and/or distribution of their content as deemed appropriate by CCW.

Insurance Quotations and Advice

By using the Ask platform, users consent to their understanding that they are not receiving a quotation for any insurance product, whether directly or indirectly suggested. Nor is the user receiving any form of insurance advice on the suitability of any Hong Kong or international insurance product.

The content contained on and CCW’s respective Top Level Domains and Sub-Domains is intended for educational purposes only, and shall not be construed to be a recommendation to purchase or not-purchase any form of insurance coverage in any geographical region anywhere in the world.

Users seeking a quotation on any insurance product shall submit a quotation request via the quotation facilities as noted on the CCW website.

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CCW shall retain the permanent and eternal rights to all content submitted via and will use, for whatever purpose it shall deem acceptable, the content provided by users on this platform for the express use of CCW.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

“CCW” is an authorized insurance broker under the Insurance Companies Ordinance in Hong Kong, strictly following the Guideline on Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorist Financing issued by the OCI and falling under the jurisdiction of Hong Kong Courts.

Complaints and Mediation

In the event that you would like to make a complaint about the services provided by CCW Global Limited, please send written notification to:

Attn: Complaints Department
CCW Global Limited,
Units 4-6, 11/F, Strand 50,
50-54 Bonham Strand,
Sheung Wan,
Hong Kong

Should a satisfactory resolution to your complaint not be forthcoming via this channel, further mediation can be achieved via contacting the following organizations:

Professional Insurance Brokers Association (PIBA)
Room 2507-08, 25/F,
China Insurance Group Building
141 Des Voeux Road Central
Central, Hong Kong

The Insurance Claims Complaints Bureau
29/F, Sunshine Plaza,
353 Lockhart Road,
Wanchai, Hong Kong
The Office of the Commissioner of Insurance
21st Floor, Queensway Government Offices,
66 Queensway,
Hong Kong.


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Online Purchasing

CCW links to online insurance purchasing functionality in the form of I-Frames embedded in this site and through third party website links. CCW is not responsible for the content or accuracy of systems which are maintained by insurance providers, and to which CCW has no administration access.

Users choosing to purchase insurance products without speaking do so at their own risk with the understanding that CCW is not responsible for the outcomes of purchasing decisions for which the company has not been involved.

Personal Data and Quotations

As part of the quotation process we will require personal information from our users (such as your Name, Email Address, and Age) in order to provide an accurate quote comparison. This information will be treated with the highest respect and protected on a number of levels. By using this website you agree that the personal information collected will be used to proceed with any personal need analysis and related insurance services provided by “CCW”.

In the event that you choose not to purchase a plan from us, and you have chosen to opt out from our corporate communications via written notification, we will destroy your personal data.

On some parts of this website you may be required to provide sensitive personal information in order to complete the online purchase of a specific product. If this functionality is available for the product line you are interested in please note that we have secured the service via a secure processing server (https://) using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology.

In the event that instant purchase options are available, through which you are required to provide sensitive information (including Credit Card or Banking Details) this will normally be provided via a secure I-Frame which directly connects to the provider’s server.

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